Amazing product. Just like the window flyscreens I had professionally installed at my previous house, but for a third of the price and so simple to make. I’m really impressed with the company too, quick email responses, fast delivery with regular tracking updates and they are conscious about not overusing packaging. Really can’t fault a thing, very refreshing!

Super Easy To Install, High Quality Magnetic Fly Screen For Windows



Magnetic Fly Screen For Windows

from only $60

(59 customer reviews)



A magnetic insect screen that you can easily custom fit to your window size

The DIY magnetic window screen kit smartly attaches to your window via a supplied self adhesive magnetic strip (included in every kit) which is applied fully around your window frame.

This self adhesive magnetic strip can be easily removed without damaging your window frame.

Available in x2 mesh options

Standard Mesh
suitable for all insects, flies and mosquitos
Midge Mesh

Midge Mesh – also suitable for all insects, flies and mosquitos – but has a tighter weave that will also prevent Midges (what are Midges? – click here)

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buying magnetic screen online

Order the frame size that is slightly larger than the window you want to screen – you are able to easily cut the frame to fit (with a cutting blade or strong scissors – no tradesman tools required).

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The Premier Magnetic Fly Screen

The DIY magnetic window screen is installed onto your window via a “permanently temporary” magnetic strip so that it does not affect your existing window frame and is especially designed to blend into the background, principally being invisible from a distance.

This effective low cost (cheap!) temporary flyscreen allows you to have a high quality of life without the worry of mosquitoes, lizards or other insects in your house. It is easy to remove for cleaning (just spray/clean with water and detergent).

If you have double hung or casement windows and are scratching your head about what is the best DIY fly screen solution to protect your family and house from those irritating, dirty and potentially disease carrying insects – DIY magnetic insect screens are the ideal solution.

Magnetic fly screens can be custom cut to fit windows of all types and sizes, simply and easily.

They are very durable and flexible making them not only easy to clean but also easy to use.

Finger tabs on the bottom corners of each magnetic fly screen enable you to pull the screen away from the window to give you easy access to open and close your window.

The magnetic insect screen flexes easily out of the way providing you unhindered access to open and close your windows, just let the corner tab go and it will simply snap back into place.

The flexible PVC frame of the magnetic insect screen is far less bulky and obtrusive compared with traditional aluminium framed fly screens.

“On older homes where no 2 windows are the same size and sometimes out of square also, magnetic screens are ideal because they are individually measured to fit with millimetre accuracy to ensure that they fit perfectly.”

The overall effect of having slimline frames and the fly screens being easily DIY custom fitted to individual windows results in a very tidy and professional looking finish that often gives a lifting effect on a room. They are the perfect addition to any home.

<strong>Contact us today and one of our experienced staff will be in touch to provide you with a no obligation free quote and answer any questions you may have about <a href=””>DIY magnetic flyscreens</a>.</strong>

59 reviews for Magnetic Fly Screen | Magnetic Screen

  1. Julie

    i just wanted to let you know that the 2nd package has arrived safely, in less than a week, just as you said, so thank you……..Thank you very much for your excellent customer service.

  2. J. Dormon

    Easy to install and happy with the product. I would suggest that you pack the white frame strips in a vertical manner and not curled into a circle. I found it quite difficult to straighten them out for the frame

  3. Graham Winter

    We have received the screens and they are all in…..Thank you they are great and easy to assemble.

  4. Clive Parrett

    Fantastic service and a great product which makes it much less of a chore when window cleaning time arrives

  5. Sandie Cargill

    The instructions were simple to follow and I found it easy to assemble.

  6. Susan Taylor

    Great service and very happy with the quality and function of the product.
    Easy to install and it enabled me to solve my own problem with no tradies being needed.

  7. Scott Taylor

    Great speedy service product easy to assemble and looks professional when assembled, I ordered the large about 2.5 meters wide and as I live in windy Wellington (NZ) found I needed to fix the top rail to the window or it would blow off in a gale once done works a treat, highly recommend.

  8. Susan Hall

    Best money $ I have spent for a long time

  9. Derrick Holmes

    Many thanks 🙂

  10. Lua

    Really easy to assemble. Great product. Super happy.

  11. Jayne

    Excellent service and product

  12. Mona

    It took a while to buy one. I wasn’t sure if it would be any good. We tried out one and it was so easy to put up, we love it so much.

  13. Emma

    Having rented in a home with only casement windows (windows with mounted cranks) for close to 10 years, I have always been constantly frustrated with being unable to open the windows without the fear of insects invading the house. With the arrival of our first baby earlier this year I was determined to find a solution. My mother suggested magnetic flyscreens and with a short search, I found this site.

    I cannot overstate how life-changing these screens have been! I was not sure how they would fit as we have very large (close to 1.4×1.3m windows in every room of the house) but the ability to easily lift up the bottom edge of the frame and open the windows to let in a fresh breeze or to cool the house down on a hot summer night has been utterly HEAVENLY!

    The package arrived very quickly (less than 7 business days), instructions were clearly arranged with helpful diagrams and warning to ensure the glue didn’t come off the magnetic strips, and after our first careful install, we had the others done in a matter of an hour.

    I bought 3 with the intent of putting them in the most important rooms for ventilation (baby’s room, living room, master bedroom) but I will be buying more in the near future to finish the house. Thank you for your life-changing product!

  14. DinyM

    We were very pleased with the 4 magnetic screens that you supplied. This was far cheaper than the quote we received to have them constructed for us. We did need to make and paint some 10mm wooden frames to enable us to fit the screens inside the existing casement windows but this only took a couple of hours, looks really professional and was a fabulous cost-effective solution.

  15. Inger

    Fast delivery, easy to put together and very well packed. I’m thrilled with the brown colour as it matches my bronze aluminum window frames. I’ve got security stays in the window frames and it’s life-changing to be able to leave the windows open at night and not get any mosquitoes in.

  16. Donna

    I love the new screens. They were easy to fit and I ordered a second set after I had fitted the first 3 windows.

  17. Trish

    I requested a sample first to make sure they would fit for my windows. So far my experience with your company and the sample has been great. I fully intend to make a full purchase sooner than later!

  18. Stephen

    We are living in a rental property so to be able to put screens on the windows, that are affordable and do not cause make any permanent marks on the window themselves if amazing. Easy to assemble, we are very happy and they were delivered in only a couple of days. Fantastic, thank you.

  19. Sean Smith

    Easy to assemble, fast delivery to New Zealand. Great for those pesky sandflies.

  20. Karen Hansby

    Very satisfied with this product. Easy to assemble and was great for my windows of which some were over 100 years old and add sizes

  21. Annette Rollins

    I bought 2 magnetic screens. They are good easy to install.
    Customer service was good.
    Thank You

  22. Graeme

    Thanks very much. Great transaction

  23. Michelle Kennedy

    We’ve bought 6 fly screen kits……FYI we love the screens, best things we’ve bought.

  24. Raewyn

    I must commend you on amazing service.

    Thank you and Kind Regards

  25. Jayson Kaye

    We ordered 2 window magnetic screens, ordering was easy, very easy to install, the instructions pamphlet that comes with the product was a perfect way of getting it correct the first time.
    They look great and keep all unwanted insects out. Would use this product again.
    Would highly recommend

  26. Colin Gooding

    The screens are great. We will be ordering another two sets in the very near future

  27. Marita

    Customer service doesn’t get any better. They’re fast, efficient and the product is a great value. I ordered screen kits for every window in my house!

  28. Sean

    Very pleased with the finish and strength of the screens. I’d recommend using a hairdryer to straighten the PVC Frame during installation, as it is coiled during shipment. Just a minute of hot air will do the trick.

  29. Lindsay Price

    Product as described, fast shipping and a recommended type of insect screen

  30. Martin Walker

    Perfect. Very easy to install. Extremely happy with our finished result.

  31. David Collins

    Very good quality mesh, and very good service overall

  32. Carl Peedell

    Prompt response from seller for custom made size. The package took only 7 days to arrive. Instructions were easy to follow.

  33. Peter Walker

    Very responsive in messages. Will order again

  34. Steve Hand

    Good for large windows, extremely fast delivery

  35. Sarah-Louise Raillardon

    This product works well……. Note to buyer: be very careful about measuring. I ended up making my screen 1/2 an inch too small and have to start over entirely with a new kit to cut the right size out of the mesh and PVC/magnets (not the product’s fault, but mine).

  36. Julie Ashgrove

    I was very happy with this product. I am a woman and the product was easy enough for me to assemble and install on my own without the help of a handyman. The design is simple and effective. Also, it can be opened exactly as shown in the picture. The advantage of this product over fixed Musquito windows is 1. Price 2. No holes 3. It can be removed in the winter months when there are no Musquitos (sic) so that the view is unobstructed.

  37. Jacob Whiteon

    We saw this product in Europe and came back and found it…….. It took us about 15 minutes to assemble……. Works perfectly on our window, seals nicely all around the frame. We are happy it worked, save us some money from custom made.

  38. Jamie Vincent

    Great DIY window screen kit solution…..
    We recently moved to a new home that has a number of casement windows with no screens. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that whenever we open our windows we almost instantly attract flies and insects. After doing a bit of research, it seemed like most of our options were going to be pricey with custom window screens needed to be made.

    But then we stumbled across these DIY window screens, and are happy we did! I installed each screen in about 20 minutes. So far, they’re all holding up well. Although we haven’t tried to remove the magnetic strip that’s stuck to the window frame, the screen itself is easy to remove and reattach if needed.

    Best of all, they work a treat – we can open the windows without having flies and insects invade our space. Definitely recommended for casement windows.

  39. Craig Avedisian

    The screens are a great product, perfect for my tilt-n-turn windows for which there was no other viable option. Also, customer service is SUPERB and highly cooperative. I made a miscalculation on my window sizes and the company was extremely helpful and reasonable when I asked for help. I almost never write reviews, but BOTH the product and the service are exceptional.

  40. Kayla Lanzon

    Very satisfied with my new insect screens and the speed of delivery after ordering. Excellent product and service – highly recommend to others.

  41. Tali Filip

    I love the screens! Easy to put together and easy to use… Great value for money…would highly recommend these screens.

  42. Cassie

    Love it! So happy I did purchase it, very satisfied

  43. Jenny

    Excellent product, easy to install and looks fabulous. Keeps all the bugs out easy to clean and can leave my windows open at night. Very affordable with no tradesman involved. Excellent service all round excellent packaging and fast delivery. Would recommend to anyone needing bug free and ventilation screen protection.

  44. Neville Wood

    We have received our orders thank you and like them very much. We’ll order again for the rest of our windows.

  45. Shell Campbell

    Excellent product. Simple to install and nice tidy finish. Very happy that they’re almost invisible when up and don’t block the view at all.

  46. Susannah Kenton

    Rather than click on stars I would like to give you my written feedback. I am delighted with my new insect screens – I love them – and they make such a difference for ventilating my home in warm weather like today.

    I do think it would be helpful to let buyers know that there is quite a bit of work involved to install them, however. I needed help with two of the windows and was able to complete the third myself. I actually thought the screens came already made up (hence the reason I was asked to provide the window measurements.) For a single woman not particularly talented at DIY the process was quite tricky. I don’t know if your website has a step-by-step instruction video, but this would have been helpful.

    Anyway, I am delighted to have them all installed. I think they look great and I’m hoping they will help save on energy costs with not having to use air conditioning as much and having no mosquitoes or flies to contend with.

    Probably more input than you wanted, but thanks for listening!

    All the best,


  47. Audrey Rasmussen

    Absolutely fantastic service and product. Windows open at night with lights on and no bugs coming in . Bliss. Looks better than expected too

  48. Jan Beacham

    It was a bit tricky for the first one but after that no problem with the rest a great product and have told other people about them regards Jan

  49. Andrew

    Fantastic product at a realistic price. Delivery was so fast considering the international postage origin. Really easy to install. Will be ordering more as time allows. Highly recommended if you enjoy a breeze without insect interference.

  50. Tom

    I should’ve followed the instruction that came with, glad I built it reasonably okay to sit well.
    Anyway, Its far better than I expected, I read some posts on the community about those screens from Burnings or Mitre 10 which all didn’t work well.

    So I was a bit worried as it is not a cheap product, but it works brilliantly! I don’t have to suffer in facing bugs while I am opening the window in this hot summer!

    If you are like me who wants to open the window to refresh your room’s air but not wanting to have bugs in it, then grab this!

  51. Lorraine

    Great service only 4 Days to arrive. Very easy to install, looks fabulous.

  52. William Farley

    Absolutely perfect fit. I just wish I had asked for a couple of extra sets of the corner brackets as i have some left over to do smaller windows but no corners.
    Will buy again and ask for extras…

  53. Catherine

    Took me a little while to sus out how to put up, and where on the window frame, but got it sorted eventually. Pleased with the product, keeping the bugs out so that I am able to leave a couple of windows open in my small and very hot cabin. Product arrived quicker than I expected, so was very happy with the delivery time frame.

  54. Reuben Simpson

    Great thank you

  55. Roshni

    Excellent product, superb delivery and very easy to install and make.

  56. Steve Brennan

    I received the screens in a week which is pretty amazing. There was a bit of work involved to assemble them, but I am extremely pleased with the results!

  57. Carmel Jones

    Great looking screens. I was a bit worried they would look wrinkled but they straighten out once the frame clips on. The midge mesh is stinky but I left it laid out outside to gas off. We are extremely pleased with the result and price. Thank you 😊

  58. Elizabeth

    Just installed my magnetic midge mesh screen and it looks so great! Very modern and neat.
    Super easy to install and you can get a taut professional finish with the help of someone holding the mesh in place.
    Go slow and enjoy the installation process 😊

  59. PH

    Amazing product. Just like the window flyscreens I had professionally installed at my previous house, but for a third of the price and so simple to make. I’m really impressed with the company too, quick email responses, fast delivery with regular tracking updates and they are conscious about not overusing packaging. Really can’t fault a thing, very refreshing!

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