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Now A Smarter FREE Home Delivered Flyscreen Kit Option Is Available

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If you are looking for a DIY magnetic fly screen – Magnetic Insect Screens sells online & direct to the public, so you can buy & SAVE HUGE $ on your DIY fly screens kit.

What’s more, the team @ Magnetic Insect Screens deliver your DIY screen frame kits absolutely FREE all across Australia & new Zealand.

DIY Magnetic Insect Screens are a family business which have been in operation for over 15 years.

Customers love the prompt service, quality of products and prices on offer.

Easy DIY Magnetic Fly Screens

Measure your windows or doors and choose from one of the custom sized insect screen kits which you can easily custom cut to fit your window.

If you want an elegant, stylish, and classy magnetic screen for hard to screen windows (usually hopper or casement style) – you will find what you need here.

I love the screens! Easy to put together and easy to use… Great value for money…would highly recommend these screens.

Tali Filip

5 Star Facebook Review

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Why Buy A Bunnings Flyscreen When You Can Order Online & Have It Delivered For FREE

Unlike a standard Bunnings flyscreen, Magnetic Insect Screens will deliver your screens FREE anywhere across Australia and New Zealand.

These magnetic flyscreens can be DIY custom fitted to nearly all types of windows; including sliding windows, double hung windows, awning windows, casement windows, louvre windows, plus many more.

Your windows can be opened easily without fuss with a magnetic fly screen fitted to it.

Opening and closing your windows becomes a simple process of peeling back a corner of the magnetic insect screen to gain access to the window handle.

Whatever the style of window, a magnetic fly screen will work well.

In the past plantation shutters, casement windows, push out windows, wind out awning windows; none of these allowed external fly screen installation until now.

Great DIY window screen kit solution…..

We recently moved to a new home that has a number of casement windows with no screens. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that whenever we open our windows we almost instantly attract flies and insects. After doing a bit of research, it seemed like most of our options were going to be pricey with custom window screens needed to be made.

But then we stumbled across these DIY window screens, and are happy we did! I installed each screen in about 20 minutes. So far, they’re all holding up well. Although we haven’t tried to remove the magnetic strip that’s stuck to the window frame, the screen itself is easy to remove and reattach if needed.

Best of all, they work a treat – we can open the windows without having flies and insects invade our space. Definitely recommended for casement windows.

Jamie Vincent

Saratoga, Australia

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Very satisfied with my new insect screens and the speed of delivery after ordering. Excellent product and service – highly recommend to others.

Kayla Lanzon

Surry Hills , Surry Hills

Another Cost Effect Solution Than Buying Magnetic Fly Screens @ Bunnings

Magnetic fly screens are cost effective DIY solution, especially when you buy then online and have them delivered FREE.

They allow an insect free house without compromising fresh air.

In many homes window sizes differ; therefore need customised insect screens.

All of Magnetic Insect Screen flyscreens can be easily individually sized for your window frame.

The flyscreen  can be easily cut to measure by the home owner and ready to install.

After cutting the frame, you can simply assemble the magnetic screen and clip onto the magnetic strip which is used to line your window.

Corner handles on the screen make the newly installled  screen easy to clean, and remove whilst interlocking clips hold the insect screen securely in place.

Also, fly screen mesh easily replaceable.

The magnetic strip which comes in each pack, can be attached to aluminium, timber and PVC window frames.

We provide free delivery worldwide.

Once your payment has cleared; orders prepared the same day..