it was delivered yesterday, we put it up and couldn’t be happier, it went up really easy (we had it a bit tight initially & the magnets wouldn’t meet, easily fixed, just repositioned the tape quickly & loosened it a little) and works a treat.

Super Easy To Install, Premium Magnetic Screen Door


Magnetic Fly Screen Door

from only $40

(47 customer reviews)



DIY Magnetic Screen Door Features

  • Easy ‘no hands’ walk through open and automatic close
  • Durable and super sturdy mesh keeps all insects and bugs out
  • Super strong magnets.
  • No tools required for installation
  • Wide range of applications:- home kitchen, bedroom, offices, balcony, business stores
  • There are x14 set sizes to choose from – but each screen can be customized to fit your door:- watch the short video showing you how – click here
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Width (W) x Height (H)
(please include in your measurements 2cm on the top & 2cm on each side – this is for the stitched velcro strip that attaches the screen to your door frame)

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47 reviews for Magnetic Screen Door | Magnetic Door Screen

  1. Merrilyn

    This is the 3rd screen we have had on our caravan all the other ones have been for a regular door so I had to cut then down to fit. This one was 70cm and made specifically for a caravan, I found it fits much better and easier.

    I love it and when this one wears out will be coming back to buy the next one.

  2. Mike Ward

    I was annoyed that the screen took so long to deliver so I was biased against it’s performance when it arrived. (NZ mail was at fault)
    I “grumpily”installed it in no time and I find it to be just what I want. It works! It is easily walked through and way better than I expected.

  3. Bill Stratton

    Thanks very much …….. for your excellent service. I would recommend you to anyone I know that needs magnetic fly screens.

  4. Duncan Coombs

    The bifold doors screen works really well.

  5. Flavio Andre

    I really enjoyed the magnetic screen I bought and I would like to buy the second one …….

  6. Ginny Spence

    The magnetic fly screen door works so well we have ordered another. We have 4 busy dogs and 2 cats so wasn’t sure it was going to be any good, it is fantastic, easy to put up and easy to use.

  7. Peter McCue

    Bought two magnetic flyscreens for holiday rental by the beach as the house had no flyscreen doors. Took a while to install
    but a good temporary solution.

  8. Michael M

    Quick delivery and easy to fit. Follow instructions as the small clearance at the bottom of the screen is critical for efficient closing. Excellent product.

  9. Glenn

    Great screen, easy to put up and keeps the flies out… I got a custom made one and fits perfectly. Easy to open via the magnet opening and go through – the magnets work great and seal properly. Many Thanks

  10. Siva Sarma

    Great product. It fits perfectly for my door and the quality looks good. Thank you.

  11. Lynne

    Great product, very happy with it, and a great delivery service. Thanks

  12. Doreen

    A bit tricky to get it to fold up properly and stay in with the thumb tracks but when it’s right it works fantastic!!! Glad my husband could work it out. Thank you

  13. Julia D’Costa

    The theory behind it is good, we have French doors with shutters so no regular fly screen will fit. The magnets are not that strong, I had to manipulate them together to stick. The material frayed a little around the edges. Overall, I’m happy as I had no other solution. The customer service was fantastic and very helpful.

  14. Andrew

    Screen fantastic. Have family visiting with two dogs. Screen opens easily and lets them in and out without losing the protection of flys and mozzies
    Thank you

  15. Karen Hooker

    Excellent, thank you

  16. Craig

    The quality of the product is great. Way better than the last one I bought

  17. Val Rappold

    Great product. Unfortunately, the puppy ate the bottom of the net. Would love a repair kit as an optional purchase

  18. Tina

    Life-changing! We live next to a lake, so mosquitos are a real problem. Fitting these screens really has been life-changing. We can get fresh air minus the bugs! Thank you 😃 And the service and delivery were A+

  19. K Wheeler

    Great quality….cheaper ones I have purchased fell apart within weeks but this is obviously better quality &design . Very happy &will purchase again.

  20. Kathy

    The product is great. We use it as a dog door so he can come and go, but the flies stay out.

  21. Anne Wilks

    Excellent product, worth the extra money compared with the cheaper versions. So easy to install. I have just ordered a second one!

  22. Sharonne

    Very happy with this product. Does the job keeping the flies out. Would purchase again

  23. Francesco

    Extremely happy with the fast and professional service. The door screen arrived and is just as good as I expected. Thanks again

  24. Dennis Wood

    Hi Folks,

    it was delivered yesterday, we put it up and couldn’t be happier, it went up really easy (we had it a bit tight initially & the magnets wouldn’t meet, easily fixed, just repositioned the tape quickly & loosened it a little) and works a treat.

    Thanks again. . .

  25. Mellissa Pierce

    Great and easy to put up. Will be ordering another one for the door upstairs

  26. Georges

    Fabulous, great service … the product is wonderful. Thank you, Georges

  27. Renee

    I have purchased over 8 of these from different companies and none compare to your product. So glad I found your website

  28. Mitch Small

    Received the fly screen door and it went up easily and worked a treat, the only problem was we left a puppy unattended and they shredded the door, but would still buy again as it worked perfectly on our back door

  29. Anders Aaberg

    We received the package today. Exceptional service and the screens look great.

  30. Angela LNA Events

    We really love the screens.

  31. Greg Cowie

    The product looks and works great….Many thanks, Greg

  32. Carolyn Cordery

    Originally wanted rollaway screens but because I have handrails up for my husband it wasn’t feasible so these screen were a solution. I have to have the bottom of one side unattached to lift curtain out of the way when only one French door is open, otherwise it doesn’t lift up enough. I have had the cheaper version previously but they don’t take the wear for more than a year. I have also attached these ( as they are joined in the centre) to a removable rail so they can be taken down and rolled up during the colder months. So far…..very pleased.

  33. Bob Jenkins & A D A Dawson

    Big thank you to the team!
    We are so happy with our screens. Delivery was fast, the quality is great, price was right, installation was straight forward, and it was a pleasure dealing with you.
    Please give yourselves a collective pat on back!

  34. Delwyn

    Arrived within days and fits well. No insects and air circulates well.

  35. Marama Flay-Alker

    So stoked with these. We have seen similar ineffective products that were disappointing and were dubious, but at the great price we thought we’d give it a go. They arrived in decent time considering we ordered on Boxing Day, and put all 4 door screens up in around 40mins. THEY ARE AWESOME. They do exactly what they say they do and the sound of them clipping closed automatically after you walk through is beautiful. The kids and animals get through easily and NO flies and mozzies in sight! We can finally leave the doors open at night!! Great product.

  36. Denise Edwards

    Thank you for the great product a tight fit with a slight variance but works really well… and a much shorter delivery time 15 days from payment

  37. Denise Edwards

    Great communication and quicker than estimated delivery on ourcustom made fly screens…. product looks great up … great quality and love the white option… thank you

  38. Maggie Magz

    We are very happy with our new Fly screen Door, We have had several cheaper models that dont last long so were happy to see the quality of this one..

  39. Sheila Munro

    These are so much sturdier than others we have had. I particularly like the fact that the magnets go all the way down. A great buy.

  40. Amanda

    Pleasantly surprised. Easy to install, fits well, they actually work! Wish I’d done it years ago. We live in rural NZ and the flies in summer….. disgusting. Looking forward to fresh air and no critters this summer.

  41. Lori Jervis

    The brown color was a lot lighter than expected but the screens are good quality and it works great for dogs to come in and out without the flies and wasps coming in!

  42. neil warren

    arrived earlier than the estimated delivery date which was great, very easy to install and works great although the cat is still not sure about it.


    Bought 2 of these door screens for our ranchsliders and because of size variety got ones that fitted perfectly except they are about 100mm to long but that’s ok they work great..

  44. Rebecca

    Works really well, and looks good. When ordering it I thought we might have to teach our dog how to go through it but she had no problems.

  45. Michael John Byrt

    Delivery very prompt – picked up by DHL within a day and delivered in good order 3 days later. We purchased 2 screen and one had to be reduced slightly in size to fit – with no problems and directions were easy to follow.

  46. john murray

    bought a screen for the campper it great and easy to install

  47. Elizabeth

    Installed this door over a tall window at my parents place and it was so easy to do! I love how smooth and quickly the magnetic strips realign after you pass through.
    We got the white door and it should be noted that you can see the opaque magnets through the hem when sunny so it appears striped from indoors. But that’s just an aesthetic note.

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